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I'm Adam Harley - TV - Film -Music Producer

Adam Harley's Bio:

Adam Harley is an award winning filmmaker, highly adept at concept and creative direction, keeping storytelling paramount while remaining true to client vision. Tireless work ethic driven to pairing key messages with powerful visuals and music. Media content producer is a fancy way of saying that I take on projects in the worlds of both music and video production. Some examples might include a local business looking to create a broadcast cable commercial, a singer songwriter looking to record an album, a non-profit looking to create an awareness or fund raising campaign, a filmmaker looking for ADR, VO, Foley or 5.1 mix work, a band looking to record an album, a small business looking for a great web video for their homepage. My goal is always to have 100% client satisfaction in addition to having work completed that everyone involved in the project can be proud of. Specialties: Protools HD, Final Cut Pro, Sony HD, Canon DSLR, Adobe Premiere

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